Natalia Samoilova Art story

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I love simplicity. We all love it but can’t really catch it. It’s here, all around us, but chaos hides it well. Our eyes are almost blind to it. Natalia has the magical ability to clear out all the noise, letting true, simple beauty stand clearly in front of us through her photos. A few elements hold together in a fragile harmony of colors and shapes, and I hold my breath so as to not break it.
I asked her how she does it, and her answer was simple and beautiful:

“The beauty of simple things has always drawn my attention. I think it comes from my childhood. I was born in the USSR, and we spent a lot of time outdoors in the yard or in the countryside where our grandparents lived. We lived in a simple and beautiful world and we were surrounded by simple things that we had to take care of, cherish and appreciate. We had nothing and everything. Above all else we had a lot of free time: free from other people and from the rest of the world. We could lay down on the grass and look up into the sky trying to find shapes in the clouds. Simplicity is when you can add nothing to make something better. That’s what perfection is, and I have absolutely fallen in love with this perfection.”

She often scrambles common sense, mixing up elements from different contexts. The result leaves me like a kid in a circus, lost in wonder. It’s something I never imagined: to just stand before it and know: that’s magic! A magic that can just be ‘real’ there, within the circus tent, and you can accept and truly enjoy it without any need for explanation.

“I have three milestones in my work: reflection, sublimation and fine art. The third is one of the sources of my inspiration and the way I create my photos. As for the first two, as you can see, they belong to the emotional part of my creative process.”

That is, emotions give life to still images, talk to us, kindly call us to join in and share the vibe. Art is the language that makes this possible, and she has mastered it. That is a gift.

I thought photography was only about mastering light, but she has changed my point of view. Shadows draw on surfaces, give shape, guard our timid feelings with an embrace. They don’t ‘tell’, but leave you free to imagine:

“my goal is to give a hint, to show the direction instead of the road itself.”

Life is the source: what’s around you and enters you. Experiences become dreams and dreams become emotions, soul sounds. And these are so strong, so beautiful that you can’t just hold them in. You need to share them:

“when I am working on a new project, the components that I use as a source of inspiration are very different, but the goal is the same: to express an idea.”

Thank you for sharing this Natalia, we need more of it.


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