Dew Art story

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The top of a mountain is not far, nor are the stars; but it is far only what we hide from our mind.
Dew fascinates me, for the courage and freedom that she has given to his spirit; because she was able to take a step beyond where I can not.
To have you need to lose, thus she has been able to abandon the body to free her mind.
The beauty of a naked body lies in recognizing ourselves, our place in the universe: “I am here”.
I can not go anywhere if I do not know where I’m coming from even before understand who I am.

In her photos creativity comes out like magma from a volcano.
Geometries intersect the curves of the body by drawing harmonies that sound like music to the eyes. Lights and shadows mark the rhythm, the time of the image that fades into a whisper to re-emerge in the screaming force of a light-dark.
The light embraces the curves of a breast, slides on the hips and dresses the body in color.
Perspective deludes us by making us fall from bottom to top in a vertigo that is more for the mind than for the body.

I love Dew, I love her free spirit her creativity in which she immerses all of herself; while I feel I can not swim and I love her “because after all or decided not to be someone else …”


Photographers: Ernesto Timor, Louis Blanc, François Nagir, Bruno, Ame Quetzalame, Marie Dumanward, Édouard de Pazzi, Étienne Kopp, Mathieu Andrieux, Piedepaz, Georges Gilliot, Pascal Gentil, Peter Newdon

Model: Dew

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