Vira Yakymchuk Art story

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Vira’s canvas is a fishing net that thrown in the evening, returns images from dreams in the morning.
Bodies and looks, as statues, live the narrow space of the canvas as if it had no boundaries.
The image embraces us, brings us inside: we are family.
The noisy reality is silent, the silence the only dress, for all the same, does not cover but unites our naked souls.
Here we can touch Vira, fill us with her spirit, share our essences, rediscovering things that space, however great, can not divide.
There is a love less intense than passion, but able to unite not only two but many people, all, and if to try it I need enter the canvas, I’ll take the first step: “hello Vira, it’s nice to meet you, it is nice to stay here, now we wait for the others to come.”

By Vira:
“A global epidemic has taken hold of our society: the indifference to suffering and needs of others.
Compelled by this reality, I create an art that questions these problems and reflects on our lack of social awareness and compassionate action.
Through my work, I seek to reveal the invisible to the eyes of the indifferent person: the need and thirst for a social change. To paint is to reflect, to collect feelings, memories and to see what further insights I may glean from them. I want to stop time for people – to let them bask in the eternity of the present moment, and to celebrate it.”


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