Teresa Reyes Art story

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Of love and hope

The wind blows on sea, strong moves waves and hair: calls us!
It seems to ask curious: who are you? Tell me and I will bring it to the world!

You know then that you can not lie and keep silent: close your eyes, cover your lips.
But you can’t stop heart and it beats faster! It means something that is true, true since you were born and always the same: it means love. Love that has a sound, a voice that everyone can recognize, no matter the language or the nation.

This is Teresa, this we are.
Let every beat be a promise, a little red boat, left to the sea and the wind: hope.

Of one thing I am sure: there is not a sea big enough to don’t let us meet.

Thanks Teresa to fill the sea with red little boats, thank you for your love.

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