Fatima Art story

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A woman figure fading away holding a kid clearly detailed is the image of a transition from us to our future.
A future we want better than us, that can’t be without peace.
That’s the key we have to pass by, to let dove of peace fly.
Peace so easy to say so hard to catch when years of hate and sold only make you know the taste of blood.
But Fatima as many others is a hope that this could change.

We all born naked, our body a wonder of nature: beautyfull, warm, strong, the cradle for life.
Then we cover it more and more, looking to it as a sin’s well, no more a wonder where look for love in a hug.
Why we don’t see it, blind as we are, that this is the real sin! To miss that hug to miss the respect for a gift our soul got to walk this life.
We can’t go no where if we don’t start accept what we are, like we are.
Here a woman that naked, for what truly she is, need a hug, just that.
Or dream of a pleasure that is not a sin but her own right.
And plenty of bodies that aren’t bodies, struggling; those are our souls that can’t think themself apart, this way dieing like a body does.

Art gives to Fatima the words to tell her “freedom”, I am honoured to met her and show her art here.

Fatima: “لم أستطع يوماً أن أرى الأشياء أو العلاقات أو المفاهيم كما يراها الآخرون لم أستطع أن أكتفي بتحديد شكلها أو عنونّة هويتها .
أثارني تفكيكها وإعادة تركيبها والبحث عن المعنى الحقيقي لها .
ما نراه من الخارج هو تحديد لهوية مجهولة غير مُدرَكة المعنى
تُشن الحروب والصراعات من الخوف على الذات على الأنا
ما يدفعنا لفقدان الشعور بالأمن بالإنفتاح نحو الأخر ، ما يمنعنا من إخراج هذا الحب الكبير الى هذا العالم كي يصبح أكثر سلماً وحباً وأمناً
ان خوفنا صندوق وهمي بمقدور لسعة نحلة أن تُشعرنا بذلك

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