John Schell Art story

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I love people that can make me smile just being there, that light your eyes and makes you feel beautyfull and confortable with it. John is one of this kind.

Oh wherever he goes he is that lucky to meet real beauty but he is so kind to also make some shot for us.
His lens are clean, smiles truly come from heart blossom on lips, shine into eyes.
Yes he has a secret, a lady that can’t miss his step and even when apart she is right in the middle of the shot.

To follow him it looks all another world, one that could be and for a while is.
Thank you for sharing your sight, your pics don’t focus just on an image but on something deeper.
Human beauty is imperfection like your photos that look a bit moves: the sign an heart is beating back to the camera.

Find out more at / facebook: johnschellphoto

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