Ekaterina Grechani Art story

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“Travelling is moving a pencil on a paper”

Ekaterina Grechani is a unique and talented artist from St. Petersburg, Russia.
St. Petersburg, her native city, must have made an imprint on her works – they are so full of air, lightness and inspiration. Here is what Ekaterina says about herself and her art:
Feeling the shape. Feeling the space. Sensing the lines, the blotches of paint, the colours. Sensing the balance in every detail… Take all those feelings and put them onto a canvas, rendering the images and sensations that live in the world inside you.

If your feelings are your essential tools, all your senses need to be fine-tuned. The artist’s eye is always ahead of his ability. Its perception is much subtler and often redundant. The eye always sees more than the brain can render, perceive, contain. The hand can never catch up. That’s both the infinity and the tragedy of an artist. Like running in your sleep, like feeling the thirst that cannot be quenched. Have you ever felt this way?
About myself
Good schooling. Hundreds of hours of work in the studios of the Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design (former Mukhina Academy). Canvas, oil, tempera, acrylic paints. Chalk, sanguine, sepia, pencil. And the koan that we are forever trying to solve: “A form appears to be something which in fact it is not.”
How do you render the sense of fluidity, sense of time? What tool do you use? Colour? Tone? Line, blotch, texture?
– By an effort of will, – said my teacher.

When the sky is clear and blue and I lie on the beach and stare into its eternity, I feel nothing. That’s why I do not lie on the beach.
I watch the city lights reflect in the wet asphalt. Especially in the evening, when it rains. Or in autumn, when the graphics of washed tree branches draws its dark lines against the sunset.
Travelling is moving a pencil on a paper, moving a palette knife on a canvas. It’s the moving images in your head, the places your mind goes to, it’s the thirst and the desire to render that feeling, vague and fleeting. Like the thirst to perceive infinity.

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