Karen Hansen Art Story

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I face a mirror where my feelings, not my image, reflects and spread scattered.
I can’t focus on anything out there so I just focus into me, slowly, quietly like a feather fall.

Colors on the canvas are a nebula for my imagination to draw, they are a window on an inner universe.
I’m lost but same time I have no fear: like a newborn baby is confident into water so I am into this void that I feel to belong to.

Now I know, here finally I am free. No images drawn by others to show what “I” see or words written by others to say what “I” think.
I am free and yet not alone, at least we are two to share this: me and the artist.

I love what the artist say about them: “My paintings are lyrical, atmospheric abstractions of meditation and memory.
They explore those moments when we release our tensions and ease into clear, quiet spaces in our minds.”

We need such a portal in our life to escape back to us for a little while.
Karen got the magic to open them for us, we just need to step into.

Visit her at klhansen.com

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