Yapei Luo Art story

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“Beauty is in this world” I need to remind this to me every day, many times a day.
More I live, this is less a daily experience and more a remember. I feel remembers are often fake illusions that never happened.
My eyes are blind with cataract of life.

I am luky.

I am luky to meet people who give me eyes to see again, burst of beauty that light up my heart.

Yapei Luo is one of them.
She is a light, alive, warm and call us to see what she discovered: beauty.
It’s something that was there, always been, but in her eyes it looks new, from another world.
Her eyes wander, hungry, in search for life, her photos are shot with the special filter of emotions.
Her face can be dirty but her eyes shine and her heart beat strong.

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