Kateryna Tkachenko Art story

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It’s hard often to face in a mirror, and look back the face mask. This is what Kateryna does in her paintings, she looks herself and paint what she see, feel, dream.

But It’s to hard to hold it sometime and we let puppets play instead. Not our story, their story, not our life, their life.

Someone use abstract images to put a shade of hiding, Katerina uses traditional symbols and different women’s images that change but share one soul, her soul.

But then just a step beyond there’s her heart beating, her dreams crystallized.
Dreams to be in harmony with nature, not apart of it. It’s our root, the space we live in and we yet feel apart, above.
She flies in her dreams, but her painting say a different thing; something heavy catch you watching them, you can’t say what, just feel it.
Life’s not easy when your country is in war, when your relatives and friends go and you know they could never come back.

Better be a tree than, hide root deep in the ground where It’s always warm and sounds can’t reach. Let flowers grow people sit under, hugging them who join in peace.

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