Yuhua Wang Art story

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A transparent veil, in the colours of winter, dresses the images of Yuhua Wang, seized in a moment suspended between dream and reality.
As you look lost them, a sense of serenity and peace descends through your gaze and rests upon your heart. Oh you want to touch them, to feel them true; but also a simple touch will disrupt the fragile beauty.

In giving “volume” to these works, Yuhua Wang digs into the philosophy and poetry of his land: China. A search that is also personal, aimed at improving her being to find a sense and a balance.

In the image rendered by the poem “A Palace poem ” by Xue Feng (300 Tang poems), from which Yuhua Wang is inspired, we find the atmosphere and the balance then rendered visually in hes paintings:
“In twelve chambers the ladies, decked for the day,
Peer afar for their lord from their Fairy-View Lodge;
The golden toad guards the lock on the door-chain,
And the bronze-dragon water-clock drips through the morning
Till one of them, tilting a mirror, combs her cloud of hair
And chooses new scent and a change of silk raiment;
For she sees, between screen-panels, deep in the palace,
Eunuchs in court-dress preparing a bed.”

Most of his works are painted on linen with mineral tints typical of Chinese painting; but she reinterpreted it in a mix with water colors or materials like sometimes gold or silver sheets.

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