Ren He Art story

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Ren is sharp, silently catch your gaze: pretend it, got it.

But those portraits are not for you. They are a search of an own identity. She looks far, into herself. Her clean, beautyfull face is just a border we can not cross but she did.

That’s the kiss at the mirror; the immaginary hug with a body shape whose identity is cancelled to put herself instead.

“… what I saw in the mirror is the how I became who I am & what’s the future that I want, I wanna kiss myself, and my eyes are saying: keep going!”

There’s no true start than by yourself but as each direction is clear with at least two points we need someone else to share, to bound, to say: “… I like things to be unclear, under the plastic you can’t see my face, but you can feel there is secret hiding inside & there is also desire to tell, it’s like some of the relationships with my lover”.
Only lies are clear, easy to reach, truth is always changing almost unreachable, keep us moving, loving, alive.

We’ll wait for the light be back in those eyes, for the blood, not the lipstick, paint of red those lips. Then we know, we will love her, not for her body but because her pride to do a search many fear to do. Because she is back.

Ran He fashion stylist and model

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