Michelle Rose Art story

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“Pieces of me” by Michelle Rose

At a given time in our life all of us are like mosaics, broken and rebuilt so many times, each time the pieces drawing a new figure.
It’s not easy to put all toghether again and again, pieces don’t fit are sharp edged, they cut each time you handle them.
It’s needed a big pride and strenght to do this work, to make a better figure one we can face.
This artist is one who did it.
Her works look simple but are not at all. Each piece put in place is a cut, there’s more blood than glue to keep it all together.

1. A sign

Gentle flowers surround rudenes and stupidity that those few words hold.
Words that are a landmark of ignorance and abuse of male power, that can crush the soul into pieces.
Flowers close inside those words but can’t cancel them, not for a long time.

2 The dream

The broken dream that still live, and I hope it will. To keep it alive is one of the secrets of joy.
Many says take joy from little things, after a while you live you understand why: what remain of dreams of childhood illusions are just little pieces; if you widen the look see the edges.

3 The tree to life

This marks an end and a new beginning: “It was important to use broken crockery … but I don’t want to use broken crockery anymore”

How much is into these art pieces. It’s great! I want to shout for anger and for proudnes. I want to cry for sorrow.
I see those pieces be not one broken soul but many souls, mine too is within a tile of those mosaics.

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