Francois-Henri Galland Art story

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Poppy’s petals reminds me of childhood springs and early loves.

Throught their red fragile veil I see moments of my life. Details long gone just an impression remain melting them down in a love feeling.
Francois paintings has this magic. He paint love not lovers, you can see a man and a woman or two men or two women this is not important, it’s just a detail gone like many others. Love feeling stay, fragile like a poppy’s petal.

One of his paintings intrigued me: it represents a bouquet of flowers. I asked him why this one different.
He told me the title is “Fight flowers”, it’s the result of a catharsis where fighters for revolution became dancers then flowers.
I love this so much. It’s sad and give me hope at the same time because if flower can grow, there is peace.

Francois-Henri Galland
Paris, France

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